Virtual Language Exchange

Because Effective Verbal Communication in a Second Language is a Determinant of Future Career Success

Smartphone with conversation session going on, video playing

How Does it Work?

MyDialog has created an app for students to help them improve their conversational language skills, whilst simultaneously meeting a school’s safeguarding criteria. Students are matched with peers from another country, e.g. students from the UK learning French are paired with students from France learning English and once two students are matched together, they participate in guided video conversation sessions, linked to the curriculum,  where they speak English and French intermittently.

Sign up your school

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Receive accounts for your students

MyDialog will create anonymous accounts for your students so their identity is protected.

Students participate in guided video chat sessions

MyDialog facilitates conversation by having curriculum-based sessions on the app which include short videos, and questions that the students discuss together.

Clarify your requirements

For example, if you want your students to be paired with a particular gender, if you already have a relationship with a partner school that you want to work with, and the number of students that you want to enroll.

Students download the application and log in

Students are paired with a language exchange partner in accordance with their age, and, if requested, their gender.

Teachers are in the loop

Teachers have access to the app content and are given the contact details of the Head of Department in the school(s) that their students are paired with. They receive weekly statistics on their student’s usage.

Safe, Secure and Anonymous

It is a secure, anonymised platform, available exclusively for GCSE and A-Level students, and is not open to the public. Only approved schools have access to the system. We don’t have access to any of the students’ personal information whatsoever (for us, they are just numbers, e.g. or All communication between students is encrypted and transferred via a secure connection. Video calls are direct between peers and neither MyDialog, nor any third party can access them.

Here are some of the UK and French schools participating in our program 2019/20. We are looking forward to adding more schools from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

You’ll be in The Good Company

Curated and Guided Conversation Sessions

Hooking up students via video chat and hoping for the best outcome simply won’t cut it. Some of them are too shy and don’t know how to start the conversation and most of them after the initial “where do you live?” and “do you prefer cats or dogs?” don’t know how to continue. And that’s when our conversation aids come to the rescue!

We have created a number of guided sessions that include short video clips and recommended questions students should ask while they discuss videos they have watched together.


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