First log in to your MyDialog account.

After having logged in, changed your password and selected your age, you can call your partner or start a session. To start a session, press ‘Start session,’ which will automatically call your partner.

Once your partner picks up, your screen will resemble the below image, with your partner in the middle of the screen and you will be in the top left corner. The annotations below explain the functionality of all the buttons and take you through how a session on MyDialog works.

You will be encouraged to start the session.

Once you do that, first step is to watch short video together with your partner.

The photo below displays what your screen will look like once the video starts. We recommend that you close the conversations aid tap once the video starts.

Important. If you lose connection during your call, you can continue your session by pressing ‘Continue session’ once your connection has returned.

After you have finished watching the English video, you should reopen the conversations aids tap and you can start your conversation in English and ask each other questions, related to the video .

After finished this, you can start the process in French by clicking on ‘Watch video’.

Once you have finished your finished, you will be encouraged to ‘Mark the session as completed.’.

After having doing this, a tick will be displayed on your homepage, next to the session that you have just finished.

If you have any problems, or would like to provide feedback, please message us via the ‘Feedback and Support’ page in the settings.