Earn Money by Having Interesting Conversations

Are you a native English speaker, and would you like to earn a bit of extra money by discussing interesting topics? Sign up to become a tutor on MyDialogue, and we do not require any degree or high school qualification; all that is needed from you is to be able to speak English fluently and a willingness to talk! All content and guidance are built-in.

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Here is How it Works

MyDialogue is an app that transforms language learning into an interactive and engaging activity. It is culturally immersive that connects users wanting to learn English with native English speakers. The users on MyDialogue learn through MyDialogue’s prepared and guided sessions, which cover different topics and include videos and questions. Please see the video below.


Your Role As a Tutor

As every session on MyDialogue is prepared by us and comes equipped with the list of questions to discuss with the user learning English, your only requirement is to be a native English Speaker and be willing to go over the discussion points with the user learning English. You help them to expand their vocabulary and teach them words and phrases they don’t know. No preparation or qualification is needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make? 

The base rate begins at $8/45 minutes. If you make this your full-time occupation(8 sessions per day), you can earn up to $1280/month in the comfort of your own home.

What do I need to participate?

A smartphone or tablet, a headset, a (reasonably) quiet place to sit and have a conversation, and a PayPal account.

I’m not a qualified teacher. Can I still participate?

Yes, all you need to be is a native English speaker. Our platform provides content and guidance.

How old do I have to be?

You should be at least 18 years old.

How will I know what to say/discuss?

MyDialog provides you with the content, the questions, and discussion points to discuss with your partner and the videos to watch together. Our innovative conversation system means you will always have conversation prompts and will never be lost for words.

Is it safe? What about my privacy?

MyDialog takes your privacy seriously, and no data is shared with any third party. You are participating in secured, encrypted calls that no third party can access.

I’m introverted, and not good at small talk, will it work for me?

Yes, definitely, our built-in tools help introverts to develop conversation skills and increase confidence!

Can I choose my hours?


No Qualifications Needed

We do not require any degree or high school qualification; all that is needed from you is to be able to speak English fluently and a willingness to talk!

Meet New People

A way to meet new people and learn about other cultures and countries!

Have Interesting Conversations

The sessions on MyDialogue cover a whole range of exciting topics to stay engaged on the app. You will also have interesting conversations and be exposed to new ideas.

Make Money Easily

Do you have an extra hour free whereby you want to make money without having to move? MyDialogue is perfect for you as you can make money from the comfort of your own home without needed to prepare anything.

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