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A radical new tool to improve language skills.

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How Does it Work?

MyDialog is an app which aims to make language learning fun, interactive and interesting. It connects people with complementary language requirements, for example, a French person wanting to learn English is connected with an English person wanting to learn French and both will commence a mutual language exchange. They can improve and practise their language skills through messaging and video calls and MyDialog’s interactive language learning sessions aids this. Each session, related to a different topic, is accompanied by videos and questions in both languages that users watch and discuss together in order to provide a framework and animate conversations.

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Safe and Secure

MyDialog does not provide access to user data by any 3rd party, and does not serve ads. All user data is transferred via secure connection, and stored in our encrypted database. Video calls placed through the MyDialog platform and MyDialog Calling App for Android and iOS are direct between the users, using 256 bit AES encryption. We are GDPR compliant. Click here to see our privacy policy.

Here are some of the UK and French schools participating in our program 2019/20. We are looking forward to adding more schools from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

You’ll be in The Good Company

Curated and Guided Conversation Sessions

Hooking up users via video chat and hoping for the best outcome simply does not cut it. It’s difficult to know how to start a conversation with a stranger and most people, after the initial “where do you live?” and “do you prefer cats or dogs?” don’t know how to continue. That’s when our conversation aids come to the rescue!

We have created a number of guided sessions that include short video clips and recommended questions that users can discuss after having watched the videos. The sessions are intended to improve listening skills, make conversations interesting and thought provoking, while at the same time helping users with conversation skills and provide them with material to discuss. The sessions also enable users to amass a broad vocabulary, as the sessions span a wide range of topics.

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